Baby Foot Deodorant Mist

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  • Prevent odors from spreading and curb your body’s production of sweat!


    Contents: 100ml

    Made in Japan



    -If you experience any skin irritation discontinue use.

    -Keep product away from the eyes. If contact with the eyes occurs, rinse immediately with water and see a doctor.

    -Keep out of reach of children.

    -Do not expose product to extreme temperatures.


  • Please spray appropriate amount on affected part. For first time use, pump several times until the liquid is dispensed.


Isn’t it about time you thought about your feet?

You work hard every day, and like your shoes to reflect your style. Sitting at your desk or walking across the city with heavy boots is sure to bring a slight odor, just as it would wearing sneakers in the gym or getting in a long run after a full day at the office. It’s been hours since you were barefoot and comfortable in your own home, so wouldn’t your feet benefit from something strong enough to fight the smell, but small enough to carry easily?

Baby Foot Deodorant Mist is the perfect size and strength for all your foot odor needs. With active ingredients (zinc paraphenolsulfonate) that prevent odors from spreading and curb your body’s production of sweat, the deodorant can be used on a variety of clothing, from socks and stockings to shoes and boots.


How does it work?

Our deodorant is designed to get rid of the stuffy, stinky foot smell you’d expect after hours of walking or even sitting. The mist contains oyster tannin, which is extremely effective in breaking up odors naturally – there’s no chemical smell to worry about.



Is a mist strong enough to fight odors?

Because our deodorant is produced as a mist, you can use it anywhere, any way you want: on socks, on shoes, even with the can upside down.


Who should use Baby Foot Deodorant Mist?

Anyone can use our products! When you’re worried about your foot odor affecting those around you or if your foot simply feels a little stuffy after too many hours at work, Baby Foot Deodorant Mist is the answer. We don’t cheat by masking uncomfortable smells with unnatural fragrances. Our ingredients work to fight the source of the odor and leave your feet smelling and feeling fresh.


Keep the stress out of your feet and out of your life

How many people have worried about removing their shoes at the worst possible time at work or home? Unless you’re living in a tropical paradise and wearing sandals or going barefoot, you’re probably sweating in your shoes right now, letting the odors build until they become uncomfortably strong.

Don’t let foot odor keep you from living your life. Spray our mist, knock out that odor, and keep going strong!

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